Dommerkritikk Elise Cartmell

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Her er Elise Cartmells inntrykk etter Open Showet 3. juni!









Norwegian Scottish Deerhound Open Show 3rd June 2018

What a super show. The organisation was excellent and the atmosphere relaxed and very enjoyable with great sportsmanship and support displayed to all competitors. The after show BBQ was definitely to be recommended.

I had 38 hounds entered with 5 absent. The overall quality was strong with the Norwegian/Scandinavian hounds very much displaying good qualities of some strong international lines. There were two classes in particular (9-15 months dogs and 2-3 year bitches) which had great strength and depth of quality leading to some very hard decisions with places bound to change at future shows.

In particular I would like to comment of the fitness and presentation of the dogs. There were no overweight dogs – a couple perhaps were a little bit more covered than ideal but they were not carrying excessive weight at all. A few needed a bit more coverage but overall the fitness and general muscular condition of the hounds was just excellent. Better than I would see in the UK for example. In addition the teeth were also good and the veterans present were a credit to their owners and breed. The weather was hot and sunny but all the dogs coped well continuing to move and show in the heat – a testament to their fitness and good overall condition I feel. Presentation was also good with lovely clean harsh coats and nicely tidied ears and feet. Handling was kind and skilled and in keeping with our breed.

The strong points to note included good rear angulation and lovely top lines with that required rise over the loin and sloping croup. There were very few flat top lines. Rear movement was on the whole much stronger than the front. Bone and substance of the vast majority of the hounds was also excellent. And feet on the whole were very good.
Where improvements could be made was in the front angulation. This of course is not unique to Norway. Most hounds had a decent sloping / layback of shoulder (withers to point of shoulder) but the return of upper arm (point of shoulder to elbow) often was not of equal length to the upper arm and / or had sufficient angulation. Therefore, the reach in the front movement was not always adequate and the front movement also had some lifting (padding and / or paddling) of the front feet which meant it was not true and straight when coming towards me. Complementing good front angulation needs to be a well developed and projecting forechest. This was not always present. And finally that front pastern slope – the shock absorber which our hounds can’t manage without – needed to be present more in some hounds.

Overall, though the quality of the hounds present was just excellent with a lot of promising youngsters coming through.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to judge at this show. It was an excellent experience.

Elise Cartmell, kennel Cusidh